How to Find the MAC Address of Your Computer

13 May 2010



  1. Click on the Start Menu.
  2. Click on 'Run...'
  3. Type 'cmd' without quotes and press Enter.
  4. At the command prompt, type 'ipconfig /all' without quotes. (space between g and /)
  5. Alternatively, if using Windows XP, you can use the command 'getmac'.
  6. Your MAC Address is listed under 'Physical Address' as a series of 6 groups of two digits, letters and numbers, separated by dashes, such as in the image below. Make sure you get the physical address of the correct network adapter - usually there are several listed.

Ipconfig /all result

Alternate Windows Method

This method is only applicable if you are currently connected to the network.

  1. Open "Network Connections"
  2. Select your Local Area Connection and right-click, select "Status".
  3. In "Support" tab, click "Details".
  4. Your MAC Address is the "Physical Address" listed in Network Connection Details.


  1. If you're running Linux, use the ifconfig command. You may need to reference it from your /bin or /sbin directories.

Mac OS X

  1. Choose "System Preferences..." from the Apple menu. Then select "Network." Double-click on "Airport" or "Built-in Ethernet" depending on how you access the Internet or your network.
  2. Notice that your MAC Address is called an Airport ID or Ethernet ID.
  3. Try the linux 'ifconfig' method in This will work on MacOS X since it uses the Darwin kernel (based upon BSD).

On newer versions of mac os x you will have to do this- go to system prefrences, then select either "AirPort" or "Built-in Ethernet" (wired). For Ethernet, click on "advanced" after clicking on "Built-in Ethernet", then select (from the tabs at the top) “Ethernet". At the top you will see the Ethernet ID.

For AirPort, first select AirPort from the side bar, and select "advanced" from the bottom, at the bottom of that page you will see the MAC ID.

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