How to increase your page rank with SEO

25 April 2011

First: we must know what is meant by the Page Rank. According to wikipedia PageRank is a link analysis algorithm which is a trademark of Google. If the plain language of the position given by the Google ranking of our website. Vote or Vote for your web page or in other words, people who refer to our webpage. Other high PR backlinks, the more that is given by a link.

google is defined page rank  as

"PageRank will reflect the importance of a web page on our views and the reader is taking more than 500 million variables and 2 billion terms. Pages that are important to receive a high PageRank and appear on the front page of search engines.
PageRank takes into account the importance of a webpage to receive more clicks, and searches of visitors. This is taken into account as a high value, this webpage will provide a high-value links. Google will always m make pragmatic steps to improve search quality and create a product to and use of intelligent technology to identify the importance of a webpage. "

Page Rank Tool Bar

There are several Google Toolbar installed in your browser, chances are you'll find the Google page rank. There are two tool bars that I used Mozbar and SeoQuake. It gives us a ranking of a page that we see on the computer screen. I use the tool bar to give preference to choose the blog that I want to be working or blog and want to install comment backlinks that will improve our web page authority.

Page Rank with Facebook

Many experts that Page rank can be given by a link located on facebook. Like button to play an important role to tell googlebot that a webpage is important. I have checked several times using several tools, hard to detect links from facebook like this button to give the authority this page to our blog. I want to find methods that can told us how many links from facebook button like this. No one knows how googlebot works to detect links like this. Facebook give PR 10/10. A link can give us the equations and thousands of backlinks that we make the webpage PR0. Page Rank will increase if it gets like the backlinks from facebook.


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